Online practice test for Biological Science

Online practice test for biological Sciences are mainly targeted for CSIR NET Life Science and IIT JAM BL that include varieties of questions from the biology.  the major fields we are touching are cell biology the major fields we are touching our cell biology Molecular Biology, Molecular Biology,  biochemistry,  Tools and techniques,  Ecology evolution,  animal behavior,  animal physiology,  plant physiology, plant developmental biology,  animal developmental biology. These online practice test for biological Sciences have standard format of all Computer Based exams  like IIT JAM BLIIT JAM BTJNU ceebJNU entrance,  BHU botany entrance,  BHU zoology entrance,  Gate biotechnology,  Gate  life science,  and all major PhD entrances of India like TIFR entrance,   NII  entrance,  JNU PhD entrance,  JNU PhD Biotech entrance,  JNU  SLS PhD entrance

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