Tentative date of exam notification comes usually in FEB (BHU) May(DU and RU)

Tentative date of filling forms-   March/ April/May

Tentative date of exam: May(BHU)     JUNE(DU& RU)


DU botany entrance:  100 question in 2 hours

BHU botany entrance:  120 question in 3 hours

RU botany entrance:  100 question in 2 hours


Go through BSc syllabus of respective university


BSc appearing / completed


Aadhar Institute run special crash course for BHU entrance crash course for DU Entrance and crash course for RU Entrance.

  1. Start high energy preparation for exam at least 4 months before the date of MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE but a silent preparation must have been started at least one year before
  2. Keep Solving and analyzing-It is   advisable that you solve full length mock test papers and Go through all previous years papers of MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE to have an understanding what to prepare for MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE . It will develop an understanding in you about your performance in actual MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE exam where you exactly stand MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE

Students must try to solve the test in iguruji online app downloadable from google playstore and make yourself adaptable to MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE . 

 3. Refer the good text books for Clearing the concepts-Students must clear their concepts with the help of good books and updated study material like AADHAR INSTITUTE STUDY MATERIAL FOR MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE so as not to face hurdles during the exam. The questions in MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE are designed to bring out your understanding and basic knowledge of BOTANY. Try to be more concise and precise over concepts and basic knowledge rather than running on path of blind learning and going through everything.

4. Give special attention

To crack typical M.Sc. entrances targeting Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, Hyderabad University, Rajasthan University come must go through the syllabus of B.Sc. of respective university

If you are thinking for BHU entrance for M.Sc. Botany Entrance give special attention to life cycles of lower plant, morphology & anatomy of angiosperm and their family descriptions and also prepare very good level of ecology and rest other subject you can  pay average attention

– If you are planning for Delhi University, M.Sc. Botany Entrance give more time to modern subject also like molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, cell biology. In DU M.Sc. Botany entrance the questions from classical portions are equally important like anatomy, physiology etc.

– If your target is Rajasthan university classical parts of botany, life cycle of lower plants, morphology anatomy must be well prepared beside regular genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology.

– In all types of M.Sc. Botany entrance prepare your own short notes from all available book especially for economic botany, plant development plant pathology etc.

5.  Make a schedule for Revision and tests –The regular revision matters a lot more than any other things during the preparation time. Watch iguruji video for making strategy and schedule for MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE you must revise all the topics which you have studied during this entire course of preparation. At many points you will find that remembering all the things simultaneously becomes hard; make short key words based notes and map notes to quickly revise all points.  Keep on appearing for video supported tests for MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE on iguruji app

 6. Say NO to New topic during exam days-Student must not study any new topic in the last weeks. It would bring unnecessary anxiety and can disturb your overall preparation. You should instead keep on honing the previously practiced topics and solve mock test papers. Studying more or all is not required if you have not studied it previously, but regular revision of the topics what you have studied is the key to success.

7. Make notes for formulas and important concepts-All the important experimental questions, concepts,  constants must be written separately in a short note so as to keep them revising on one  go this will help you in NAT type questions.  Keep on going through special revision and superfast revision videos of iguruji

8. Add exercise/yoga, meditation and Power Nap in the day Schedule  

  • As you must have heard – healthy mind lives in healthy body but Being a biology student you must also understand the reverse is also true “only a healthy mind can have a healthy body.” Just maintain the calmness of your brain by taking small breaks from studies – for basic PRANAYAM, MEDITATION and YOGA (many videos are available on you tube)
  • During the preparation days Avoid late night food just respect the circadian Rhythm of the body “sleep at night work in day”
  • During the day hours take at least two short power nap after every 5 – 6 hours of study
  • Avoid Alcohol / cigarette / excessive caffeine consumption for getting boost

 9.  Ask the expert-

  • You must take help from those genuine friends who have qualified the exam in past. Keep on watching “tips for MSC BOTANY ENTRANCE ” video on aadharinstitute jaipur youtube channel
  • You can have even live discussion on this channel tune to time
  • Develop a positive attitude in life especially for this exam. Never think that this exam is the last hope in Life. Don’t worry you have a brighter life ahead this is just a milestone

10  Avoid travelling at the night just before exam especially if your centre in another city just reach one day before the exam take rest and proper sleep.