Aadhar Institute is the India’s leading name in the field of Biotechnology and Life Science coaching, preparing students for Various Exams since 2002. IIT JAM Biotechnology is popularly known as IIT JAM BT exam..Get ONLINE VIDEO classes for gate biotechnology 2019 at iGURUJI app.

How iguruji video course is different from others

  1. Online coaching for IIT JAM BT is totally different concept as compared to other “live online classes for IIT JAM BT
  2. We strongly believe in Freedom and ease of students and faculties to take classes and give lesson any day, anytime, anywhere and any topic of choice
  3. We record lectures, possible questions, solutions of possible doubts, tricks, Mnemonics, stories and concept in a virtual classroom and provide the finest and efficient class lecture.
  4. By this method students are not distracted by so called “jokes” “motivational speeches”, “unnecessary discussions” and the most irritating “repeated spoon feeding” you have freedom to repeat your lectures for multiple times,  if facing any problem. This can develop a proper understanding of concept and subject.
  5. To make it more easy, we also provide support notes which are prints of the content running in video. This will save your time and energy and you can focus more on lecture and understanding concept during the video class. This concept of a support notes is introduced just to minimize the effort to write heavily while listening the lecture.
  6. Well make it clear, That support notes will never mean that you won’t be moving your pen / pencil during the class. We have left many gaps intentionally for your writing, underlining, marking some points important etc. This is just to make you focus on topic and to imbibe the concept in one run.
  7. Subscribing the support notes is totally optional and if you want to write notes while attending the video it’s totally your choice.


  1. In the complete series of IIT JAM BT online coaching all video are classified into separate subject wise folders and placed in a logical order in which one should complete their course.
  2. Instruction Videos: in the course the first folder is always the instruction video for the given exam that include the videos to instruct you how to proceed in the series, major tips to work with videos, learning and conceptual methods , DOs and NOT DOs, and all the information about the course and the exam In the instruction videos we have explained how to complete the course in time and with managed schedule.
  3. all the folders have certain tricks, stories and learning short cuts video that will support you learning the course at faster pace
  4. In many folders we have added superfast revision videos also that will help you to revise the course whenever exam will approach.
  5. All video are well planned according to IIT-JAM BT pattern that is basics but logical although the video are similar to IIT-JAM BL.
  6. All videos are based on minute points of biotechnology especially applied portion, numerical, graphs, experiments.
  7. – All subject wise video are not only usefully for IIT-JAM BT but all leading biotech related entrances and even for interview, Preparation of TIFR, IISc NBRC and IISERs
  8. FOR DOUBT CLEARING Special “doubt button” with every video to ask your doubt, just click and post in the form of text, photo & video. We also give “live problem solving sessions
  10. Syllabus Covered: – All the total 300 topicwise video are present from starting of the course.
  11. kindly download the list of videos from iguruji app>>free downloads>>> video series details or CLICK HERE FOR detailed video list
  12. Kindly note that Till now we have not included physics chemistry and mathematics in the course
  13. Duration Of Total Videos: around 300 + hours
  14. You should cover this syllabus in minimum 12 weeks and maximum 30 weeks


know about Support notes given with video course in the following video


IIT JAM BT  video  Course available on :      

  1. iGuruji app (download from Google playstore)
  2. offline ANDROID Based videos running on offline software on your mobile (suggested for those who have problem in network at their surrounding or Any issue with iguruji app installation) videos Can be downloaded from Google drive or we will send Memory card/pendrive (cost is chargeable additionally )
  3. offline desktop/laptop Based videos running on offline software on your desktop/laptop (suggested for those who have problem in watching videos on mobile or have Any issue with iguruji app installation) videos Can be downloaded from Google drive or we will send Memory card/pendrive (cost is chargeable  additionally)


3 days PAID TRIAL of all 350 videos ……….pay Rs. 500(adjustable in main fees when you extend the SAME VIDEO SERIES)

  1. 45 days  subscription of all 350 videos……….pay Rs.8000
  2. 90 days  subscription of all 350 videos……….pay Rs.10,000
  3. 6 months subscription of all 350 videos……….pay Rs.12000
  4. 12 months subscription of all 350 videos……….pay Rs.16000 

Add On

  1. Support notes (prints of video screens) A =  Rs.3500
  2. Modules (detailed study material with question banks) B=   Rs.6500
  3.  Online test series with video explanation (include mock tests) C = Rs.6000 

      45 days subscription +A =  Rs.11,000                                 

      45 days subscription +A+C= Rs.17,000

      45 days subscription +A+B+C= Rs.22,000

      90 days subscription +A =  Rs.13,000

      90 days subscription +A+C= Rs.19,000

      90 days subscription +A+B+C= Rs.24,000 

      6 months subscription +A =  Rs.15,000

      6 months subscription +A+C=  Rs.21,000

      6 months subscription +A+B+C= Rs.26,000

      12 months subscription +A =  Rs.19,000

      12 months subscription +A+C= Rs.25,000

      12 months subscription +A+B+C= Rs.30,000 

  •  payment to be made In Favour Of “Aadhar Institute”
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