Super biology  is an unified course for all type of MSc and  integrated PhD entrance held in India. this course include content  of all fields of Biology like 

  • biochemistry, 
  • cell biology, 
  • Molecular Biology, 
  • Recombinant DNA technology, 
  • applied Molecular Biology, 
  • plant tissue culture, 
  • animal tissue culture, 
  • biostatistics, genetics, 
  • Ecology, evolution, 
  • Plant Biology, 
  • Animal biology, 

and all relevant subjects from where questions are asked in the different entrances

This particular course also have-

  • physics,  
  • Chemistry, 
  • Mathematics, 

for Biology students as we know many entrance exams ask questions from these subjects

    • The course can be taken as revision  Crash course as well as  year long course  as per requirement of students
    • The course is supported by many round of practice sessions of all the subjects-
    • MCQ
    • MSQ
    • NAT questions
    • General studies
    • These tests are held online that will make schedule of a student and develop discipline how to prepare.
    • Even in offline mode this is strict schedule  will be followed so that everything can be done on time and with maximum efficiency
    • the purpose of making this course is to prepare Student for each and every  entrance exam that can make their career in the field of Biology


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