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BEST Career in Biotech/Botany/Zoology

After Graduation  

Career opportunities are there, of course, but not many, as Biotechnology research and education is still not up to the mark in our country. Before we get to the answer, I would like to ask something.
  1. Are you willing to take up a job in core/ technical domain, that is, Life Sciences/ Biotechnology after your B.Sc./ B.Tech. itself?
  2. Are you willing to willing to pursue higher studies in this domain?
  3. Do you want to change your stream and take up a job in some other domain after your graduation? Say for example, banking etc.
  4. Do you want to pursue your higher studies in a field apart from Biotechnology or Life Sciences as whole? Like MBA?

If your answer for question A is YES, then:

There are opportunities in R&D as well as other corporate jobs like patent and market analysis.

  1. R&D:There are some entry level jobs for freshers in Biotech firms. Job responsibilities may vary from QC (Quality Checking), sales (as this requires basic technical understanding also), data analysis, technical support etc. As graduates are not that sound in technical skills, they are not involved in hard-core research. Salaries and perks are obviously not that great at this level. To be honest, such jobs are good only if you wish to pursue higher studies in future (masters and/or Ph.D.) sometime soon. For the time being, you can get in and learn some skills.
  2. Patent/ market research:Yeah, you can get into KPOs (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) firms, where you get to combine your Biotech/ Life Sciences background with patent/ intellectual propertyand/or market research to provide solutions to your clients (which would be Biotech/ Pharma/ Food Tech firms, mostly) and help them take strategic business decisions. But then again, such firms also expect sound technical knowledge and thus mostly hire at least Masters level guys. You can start here at junior designations and can make decent money. Not bad if you want to gain work experience for a couple of years.

If your answer is B, then:

I would strongly encourage you to pursue higher studies, that is, Masters (M.Sc./ MS/ M.Tech, whichever applicable), followed by a Ph.D., if you are interested in building a career in hard-core R&D or academia.

I’ve written a few answers on the same. You may want to go through them:

If your answer is C or D, then:

I do not have much idea 🙂

the major field in biotech for jobs

  • Patent Agent/Lawyer/Attorney (Biotech + Legal Experience/Degree)
  • Management (Biotech + Experience + Good MBA Degree)
  • Biomedical/Biomechanical Engineer ((Biotech + Experience/Degree in Bio related Product Engineering)
  • Bioprocess Engineer (Biotech + Experience/Specialization in downstream processing). This area has lot of potential.
  • Clinical Research Related Jobs (Biotech + Experience/Specialization in Clinical Trials)
  • Clinical Data Analysts (Biotech + Experience/Specialization in SAS/R/SPSS)
  • Bioinformatics (Biotech + Specialization in Bioinformatics)
  • Sales & Marketing-Biomedical Equipments/Assays (Biotech + Experience in Sales