Tentative date of exam notification:  august/ sep

Tentative date of filling forms:  sep/ oct

Tentative date of exam:  I/II week of Feb, once in a year


A candidate appearing in the XL paper has to answer the following:
GA – General Aptitude carrying a total of 15 marks.

 (Section P + any two sections from Q to U ) 

SectIon P– Chemistry (Compulsory): This section contains 15 questions carrying a total of 25 marks: 5 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 5 marks) and 10 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 20 marks). Some questions may be of numerical
answer type.

Any two of XL Sections Q to U: The choice of two sections from Q to U can be made during the examination after viewing the questions. Only TWO optional sections can be answered at a time. A candidate wishing to change midway of the examination to another optional section must first choose to deselect one of the previously chosen optional sections (Q to U). Each of the optional sections of the XL paper (Sections Q through U) contains 20 questions carrying a total of 30 marks: 10 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 10 marks) and 10 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 20 marks). Some questions may be of numerical answer type.

Eligibility for  GATE LIFE SCIENCE

BE/BTech/BPharm: Bachelor’s degree in engineering/ technology (Four years after 10+2 or three years after BSc/diploma in engineering/technology) and those who are in the final year of such programmes.

 BSc (Research)/BS: Bachelor’s degree in Science (Post-Diploma/ 4 years after 10+2)

 MSc or equivalent: Master’s degree in any branch of science

 Int. ME/MTech (Post-BSc): Post-BSc Integrated Master’s degree programmes in engineering/technology (Four year programme)

 Int. MSc/Int BS-MS: Integrated M.Sc. or Five year integrated B. S./ M. S. Programme


Syllabus for GATE -XL(CLICK HERE)


GATE qualifying cutoff vs Admission Cutoff

Particulars GATE Qualifying Cutoff Admission Cutoff published by institutes based on GATE Scores
Published by An organising IIT. The qualifying GATE 2019 cutoff will be published by IIT Madras By institutes individually.
Parameters for deciding cutoff Performance of the candidate in the entrance examination

-Category of the candidates

-Previous cutoff trends

Applications received for admission

Availability of seats

Category of the candidate (especially in public and semi-public institutes)

-Reputation of the institute

Used for admission/counselling No Yes
Is subject-specific Yes Yes
Availability of GATE score card Is issued only to candidates who qualify in the entrance exam Has noting to do with GATE score card

GATE Qualifying Cutoff 2018 (Official)

S. No Paper Name Paper Code Qualifying Marks
General OBC (NCL) SC/ST/PwD
1 Biotechnology BT 27.9 25.1 18.5
2 Life Sciences XL 29.9 26.9 19.9



 Start high energy preparation for exam at least 4 months before the date of GATE XL but a silent preparation must have been started at least one year before

Keep Solving and analyzing- It is   advisable that you solve full length mock test papers and Go through all previous years papers of GATE XL to have an understanding what to prepare for GATE XL . It will develop an understanding in you about your performance in actual GATE XL exam where you exactly stand GATE XL

Students must try to solve the test in iguruji online app downloadable from google playstore and make yourself adaptable to GATE XL .


Refer the good text books for Clearing the concepts- Students must clear their concepts with the help of good books and updated study material like AADHAR INSTITUTE STUDY MATERIAL FOR GATE XL so as not to face hurdles during the exam. The questions in GATE XL are designed to bring out your understanding and basic knowledge of biotechnology. Try to be more concise and precise over concepts and basic knowledge rather than running on path of blind learning and going through everything.

Give special attention in choosing the subject combination for GATE XL

Since the subject combination in this exam is mainly for M.Sc. students like M.Sc. biochemistry, M.Sc. microbiology, M.Sc. botany, M.Sc. zoology but we suggest that B-tech students, who are having strong hold in these subject and somehow weaker in GATE-BT topics (like mathematics bioprocess, process biotech) should also atleast think take this exam instead of GATE BT

The Best thing about this exam is the choosing the subject combination at the time of exam in examination hall. Avoid choosing biochemistry until you are masterpiece in solving numerical problems .

Try to choose Botany or Zoology as second combination partner if you are choosing biochemistry or microbiology

In our view most easy and scoring combination can be Botany + Zoology

Something Extra you can do : –Give special hard work to compulsory aptitude section and general chemistry.

For general chemistry go through 11th 12th and medical entrance level books and practice them well because this section is deciding factor for your high score and rank .

Make a schedule for Revision and tests –The regular revision matters a lot more than any other things during the preparation time. Watch iguruji video for making strategy and schedule for GATE XL you must revise all the topics which you have studied during this entire course of preparation. At many points you will find that remembering all the things simultaneously becomes hard; make short key words based notes and map notes  to quickly revise all points.  Keep on appearing for video supported tests for GATE XL on iguruji app

 Say NO to New topic during exam days- Student must not study any new topic in the last weeks. It would bring unnecessary anxiety and can disturb your overall preparation. You should instead keep on honing the previously practiced topics and solve mock test papers. Studying more or all is not required if you have not studied it previously, but regular revision of the topics what you have studied is the key to success.

 Make notes for formulas and important concepts- All the important experimental questions, concepts,  constants must be written separately in a short note so as to keep them revising on one  go this will help you in NAT type questions.  Keep on going through special revision and superfast revision videos of iguruji

Add  exercise/yoga, meditation and Power Nap in the day Schedule  

As you must have heard – healthy mind lives in healthy body but Being a biology student you must also understand the reverse is also true “only a healthy mind can have a healthy body.” Just maintain the calmness of your brain  by taking small breaks from studies – for basic PRANAYAM, MEDITATION and YOGA (many videos are available on you tube)

During the preparation days Avoid late night food just respect the circadian Rhythm of the body “sleep at night work in day”

During the day hours take at least  two short power nap after every 5 – 6 hours of study

Avoid Alcohol / cigarette / excessive caffeine consumption for getting boost

 Ask the expert-  

You must take help from those genuine friends who have qualified the exam in past. Keep on watching “tips for GATE BT ” video on aadharinstitute jaipur youtube channel

You can have even live discussion on this channel tune to time

Develop a positive attitude in life especially for this exam. Never think that this exam is the last hope in Life. Don’t worry you have a brighter life ahead this is just a milestone

Avoid travelling at the night just before exam especially if your centre in another city just reach one day before the exam  take rest and proper sleep.