Online Test Series For GATE Biotechnology (BT)

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Aadhar Institute is the India’s leading name in the field of Biotechnology and Life Science coaching, preparing students for Various Exams since 2002. Aadhar Institute had trained and produced hundreds of successful students.

  • Standard Format Of Online Test:  Best Standardized format of online tests as per all online exams.
  • Result Analysis:  Correct, Incorrect , Not Attempted
  • No Time boundation:  Any Day Any Time Any Topic According To Your Preparation And Dynamic Ranking System
  • Video Explanations:  At The End Of Test VIDEO Explanation To Analyse Your Self
  • Actual Exam Syllabus:  All The Question Are “At Par” Of Actual Exam
  • Unlimited Report View:  All the Questions And Video Explanation Can Be Seen And Listen Any Time Even After The Test.
  • The test series contain 3 section aptitude mathematics and biotech and there around 80 test out which 20 are for aptitude and mathematics and in rest 60 we have included biotechnology subjects
  • A special emphasis is given on NAT question for which we have made special MCQ also


  Test Schedule For Online Test Series For GATE Biotechnology (BT)


  1. Linear Algebra: 4 tests
  2. Calculus:  4 tests
  3. Differential Equations:  4 tests
  4. Probability and Statistics: 4 tests
  5. Numerical Methods:  4 tests
  6. Microbiology:  4 tests
  7. Biochemistry: 4 tests
  8. Molecular Biology and Genetics:  4 tests
  9. Process Biotechnology:  4 tests
  10. Bioprocess Engineering: 4 tests
  11. Plant and Animal Biotechnology: 4 tests
  12. Characteristics of animal cells: 4 tests
  13. Immunology: 4 tests
  14. Recombinant DNA Technology: 4 tests
  15. Bioinformatics: 4 tests
  16. Reasoning and aptitude: 5 tests
  17. Mock tests 15


  • Start and Validity Of Online Test Series For GATE BT

July To feb

  • Fees For Online Test Series For GATE BT

6000 for all topic tests including mock tests

1500 for mock tests only

  • Syllabus   For Online Test Series For GATE BT