Aadhar Institute is the India’s leading Biotechnology and Life Science coaching institute, preparing students for CSIR UGC,Net-Life Science, GATE Life Science, GATE Biotechnology and All India MSc Biotech Entrances. Aadhar Institute has trained and produced hundreds of successful students through Net-life Science, GATE Life Science, GATE Biotechnology and MSc Biotech Entrances.
Here you get all syllabus, class room courses, video courses, online test series, study material, online classes, answers key, question paper and best books for all above entrance exam.
Our aim is to create persuasive environment for all biotechnology and life sciences aspirants to become the acme in the field. The consistent results in Life science and biotechnology.

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    Because of my Hindi medium, I was quite confused about my career path;. I joined AADHAR with a dream which got fulfilled and I got admission at IITR. This was almost impossible without AADHAR. HMT sir's and other faculty member's teaching methodologies; AADHAR notes, weekly tests and on top of it HMT sir's friendly treatement, everything helped me to achieve my goal.


    • (M.SC Entrance Batch-2007-08, AIR-25 in IIT-JAM 2008)
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    I attended the class of 2009-2010. With a little or no coverage of Zoology, Botany, classical genetics and other subjects including physics, chemistry and mathematics in my BSc (Bitechnology) curriculum, I found the coaching and notes provided by aadhar institute very helping and easy to follow. I loved the shortcuts taught by "HMT Sir" there to learn and keep hold of all the concepts and be able to crack so many entrance examinations . I owe all this success to Aadhar institute.  The faculty team is great, study material is easy to follow and the online test series is a great platform to practice entrance examinations.

    Today I am a postdoctoral researcher at University of Edinburgh after having done my PhD on brain tumors (also in Scotland).

    • Dr Nisha kriplani
    • post Doctoral scientist at University of Edinburgh
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    Sometimes a timely decision changes your life entirely' From me 'Aadharinstitute' was a real foundation of my career and changed my pace from also to fast track. I always own the my transformation of life to aadhar institute and My dear HMT sir. (M.Sc. Entrance Batch-2005-06) IIT JAM-AIR-03(2006), JNU-CEEB-AIR-09(2006)

    M.Sc. IIT-Mumbai (2008)   Ph.D. University of Heidelberg, Germany

    • Dr. Sandeep Ameta
    • M.Sc. IIT-Mumbai (2008)   Ph.D. University of Heidelberg, Germany
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    I am Bodhisatwa Nandi. I study at Central University of Rajasthan. I got selected at IISc Bangalore for Integrated PhD in Biological Sciences. I secured an all India rank of 70 in JAM Biological Sciences. I was also selected for M.Sc. at IIT Bombay and at National Brain Research Centre, Manesar. I want to pursue research in the field of Cancer Biology. I acknowledge my success to my parents and my teachers at university. I am also greatly thankful to Hari Mohan Sir from Aadhar Institute Jaipur. Well designed study materials and well explained video lectures from Aadhar institute helped me a lot in the competitive exams. Also, Hari Sir’s able guidance at every step of the journey led to this result.

    at present pursuing Int PhD in IISc Bangalore

    • Bodhisatva Nandi
    • IIT JAM -70, NBRC, IISc
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    I believe everyone can work hard, but not doing that work in the proper way and right guidance is meaningless and waste of time. Guidance matter a lot along with hard work and that I got in abundance from team of Aadhar. Aadhar team inspired me to work even harder. Before joining Aadhar, I haven’t even heard of  M.Sc. In IIT and integrated PhD in biological sciences in IISc, TIFR and NCBS. Honestly speaking, I joined Aadhar for RU (Rajasthan University) PG entrance but The best lead me to the best IISc Bangalore

    (M.Sc. Entrance Batch-2012-13, Final selection in IISc Bangalore AIR-37 in IIT-JAM 2013 AIR-12 in JNU-CEEB)

    • Anjali Sandhu
    • Pursuing PhD in IISc Banglore