Online test series for IIT-JAM BL

Online test series  for IIT JAM BL  start in the month of July and continue till February when exam is conducted. the questions included in the  online test series for IIT JAM  from the different field in the given syllabus like questions from animal diversity,  questions from plant diversity,  questions from genetics, question of  population genetics, questions of  microbiology, questions of biostatistics, questions of Molecular Biology, questions of Biochemistry, questions of cell biology questions, and all leading areas of biological Sciences.  Anyone can practice online test series for IIT JAM BL on mobile application iGuruji  which you can download from Google Play Store.  link for this application is running with the our website if you are watching it  on mobile. there are many three question in the online test series for IIT JAM BL which are given therefore the demo after having practice on the free  online test for IIT JAM BL we expect you to purchase our online test series for IIT JAM BL