You always need a teacher to hone your concept, to develop your problem solving skill and to boost your moral whenever you feel low. These three basic requirement are being masked by different coaching institute by giving hours of so called “motivational lectures” and unwanted teaching of “foolish Concepts”

The net result of such “cheating” make you suffer in an manner that they cannot complete their course in time or if somehow they complete course by taking 8 – 9 hours of classes you do not get time to revise the syllabus before exam.

With the iguruji discussion class room we have revolutionized the concept of coaching by simple steps

Step – 1 : We will give weekly schedule to study

Step – 2 : All class notes of respective topics will be provided to you before class

Step – 3 : You will be briefed about the topic by instructor at iguruji class room and they will give all explanation & insight about the topic

Step – 4 : You will study the same topic and go through respective class notes with the help of iguruji app videos  and clear your concepts again and again (in iguruji app you can repeat the lectures for unlimited times)

Step – 5 : In Next sitting in iguruji discussion class room you will ask problems/doubts with our experts and then they will give you more tips

Step – 6 : You will take online test of the topic on iguruji app and listen discussions of the given test

Step – 7 : After every 2 – 3 topic offline test will be conducted at the iguruji discussion class room.

Step 8 : Still if you want to discuss any topic in detail we will clear your doubt in “Live sessions” on our  youtube channel aadharinstitute jaipur” 

iguruji discussion class room  include coaching for  NET Life Sciences, coaching for  ICMR JRF, coaching for  DBT JRF, coaching for  GATE Life Science, coaching for  GATE BT, coaching for  ARS-NET, coaching for  TIFR Entrance, coaching for  IIT –  JAM BT, coaching for  IIT – JAM BL, coaching for  JNU – CEEB, coaching for  DU/BHU Botany  Entrance, coaching for  DU/BHU zoology Entrance, coaching for  School Lecturer, coaching for  College Lecturer,