About Online Test Series For GATE BT

  • Standard Format Of Online Test:  Best Standardized format of online tests as per all online exams.
  • Result Analysis:  Correct, Incorrect , Not Attempted
  • No Time boundation:  Any Day Any Time Any Topic According To Your Preparation And Dynamic Ranking System
  • Video Explanations:  At The End Of Test VIDEO Explanation To Analyse Your Self
  • Actual Exam Syllabus:  All The Question Are “At Par” Of Actual Exam
  • Unlimited Report View:  All the Questions And Video Explanation Can Be Seen And Listen Any Time Even After The Test.
  • The test series contain 3 section aptitude mathematics and biotech and there around 80 test out which 20 are for aptitude and mathematics and in rest 60 we have included biotechnology subjects
  • A special emphasis is given on NAT question for which we have made special MCQ also


  Test Schedule For Online Test Series For GATE BT


  1. Linear Algebra: 4 tests
  2. Calculus:  4 tests
  3. Differential Equations:  4 tests
  4. Probability and Statistics: 4 tests
  5. Numerical Methods:  4 tests
  6. Microbiology:  4 tests
  7. Biochemistry: 4 tests
  8. Molecular Biology and Genetics:  4 tests
  9. Process Biotechnology:  4 tests
  10. Bioprocess Engineering: 4 tests
  11. Plant and Animal Biotechnology: 4 tests
  12. Characteristics of animal cells: 4 tests
  13. Immunology: 4 tests
  14. Recombinant DNA Technology: 4 tests
  15. Bioinformatics: 4 tests
  16. Reasoning and aptitude: 5 tests
  17. Mock tests 15


  • Start and Validity Of Online Test Series For GATE BT

July To feb

  • Fees For Online Test Series For GATE BT

6000 for all topic tests including mock tests

1500 for mock tests only

  • Syllabus   For Online Test Series For GATE BT
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